Let Your Net Down [Again]

Awhile back while reading Luke 5:1-11 (NIV), the parable about Simon and Jesus on the boat made me wonder how many times have we disregarded instructions from God or someone in our life because we've done it already and it didn't 'work'. In this parable Jesus wanted Simon to cast his net down into the water. Simon, being human as ever, told Jesus that he did that the night before. He expressed he didn't catch anything and that he stayed put all night. However, Simon obeyed Jesus and did it again. It was at that moment Simon caught plenty of fish. It was more than what he could imagine. Simon repented right there at Jesus's feet, realizing that he doubted and questioned Jesus's instructions. The most important part was, Jesus had instructed Simon to go out to the deeper area of the water.

This reminded me of the times I've questioned instructions, questioned if I should do something again, even if it didn't work out before. It's so easy to question rather than do. It is so easy to be turned off by what didn't work before and giving up. Have you done this before? This parable motivated me 'let my net down again'.

Whatever you are questioning - I  want to encourage you not to question no more. Rather do what you are instructed to do. If you did it before, do it again, this time on a deeper level. Perhaps this time around it may be different. Whatever your net may be, lower it [again].

Key takeaway: Go deeper and let your net down [again]!

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