Stand up and walk


One of the men lying there had been sick for thirty-eight years. When Jesus saw him and knew he had been ill for a long time, he asked him, “Would you like to get well?”I can’t, sir,” the sick man said, “for I have no one to put me into the pool when the water bubbles up. Someone else always gets there ahead of me.” Jesus told him, “Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk! Instantly, the man was healed! He rolled up his sleeping mat and began walking! But this miracle happened on the Sabbath,John 5:5-9 NLT

I've heard and read this parable before. But if you've read/heard any scriptures or parable at a different time in your life, the meaning and message changes. They hit differently. Well, can I share how these few little lines hit me? It's because of this scripture you are reading this blog post.

So God healed the man, but before he can heal the man, the man had to make a decision to get up. God had to ask the man does he want to be healed. The man started off with some excuses. "Sir there's no way I can get healed, for I have no one who will.." To me, that translates to "YES, BUT...

"YES, BUT.." Those two words. If you've heard yourself tell yourself that or another person then you know how limiting those words are. Even now..saying it in your head. For me, the blog, "Yes, but no one reads it. Yes, but no one subscribes. Yes, but..yes, but.." But no more, because I changed my mind and the YES, BUT were limiting me. Limiting me the ability to share God's word and how they have changed me to the core. I started this to share what he's doing and downloads on the inside. In hopes that it can help you and also change on the inside as well. 

Before the man can get up and before Jesus heals the man, the man had to change his way of thinking. The man was able to do what he was longing to do for 30 years, but he had to make a decision, not a wishy-washy one, but a solid decision to PICK HIMSELF UP!

Just like Jesus told the man to "Stand Up! Pick up your sleeping mat and you will walk", I am telling myself and you "Stand Up! Pick yourself up and walk". No more, "YES, BUT" in you're vocabulary. Join me in getting up and walking towards accomplishing what needs to be accomplished regardless of the “Yes, but” you want to tell yourself.

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